Series Suberecti (Lindl.) Focke

Suberecti (Lindl.) Focke

Because R. suberectus Anders. is included in the sectie Suberecti Lindley and in the series Suberecti (Lindl.) Focke, this species is automatically the type species of these (ICN, art. 22.6). Though the series of Focke also contains the type of the genus, R. fruticosus L. this has no effect on the legitimacy of the name because lectotypifiaction does not make the retrospectively illegitimate (ICN, art. 52, note 2, Ex. 14). The name Suberecti (Lindl.) Focke would have been illegitimate only if it would contain the type of a ‘previously’ (so before 1877) conserved name, which is not the case. By consequence the name Nessenses H.E.Weber for the series Suberecti is superfluous and thus illegitimate (art. 52.1).