Rubus hirtus Waldst. & Kit.

Rubus hirtus Waldstein & Kitaibel. A lectotype was published in Gorteria 24 (1) 23f (1998): 'leg. Wolny in herb. Kitaibel nr.4414, fasc.64/XV; BP'.

The same specimen was already published as a lectotype by Dezsö Kováts in the Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Naturalis Hungarici 84: 48 (1992) so that this is the correct publication of the lectotype.

With thanks to Zoltán Barina who sent me the details.


Rubus hirtus ssu Weihe & Nees is a different taxon, which is more simliar to R. glandulosus Bell., with its very long and abundant dark purple stalked glands. It is described as a new species under the name R. melamporphyrus A. Beek, Gorteria 24 (1) 23 (1998).